Thursday, October 21, 2004

the three graces: sour, bitter and sweet. But you would be too if you had no head.

glistening by the numbers: THREE

The Coasters - "Three Cool Cats"

41: let's split a bag of potato chips and listen to this one again! clever too.

Avi: Another fun track, perfect for a hot summer day. 'Nuff said.

David: Now this is more like it. I've never heard this before, but its fucking wonderful. Really fucking wonderful.

Jamie: You know these cool cats are doomed from the start, when they're sharing a chocolate bar and bag of chips. Guess they spent all their dough trying to look cool. The attempted pickup might have gone like this:

Cool Cat: Hey chickie-baby, what's shakin'?
Chick (thinks to herself): Great, this guy's dripping with greasy kid stuff and his breath smells like a grease pit. No way he's getting a kiss. (speaks) Nothing.
Cool Cat: You're one cool chick this cat would like to devour...
Chick: Yeah, well devour this, Sylvester!
(gives CC a swift kick to the groin)

Recipe for a cool cat's failure...and a funny song.

Lee: Never liked this song, not even the Beatles' goofy version. Too much repetition, and not as entertaining as the Coasters could be. They do make it their own, however.

It IS their own; this original '59 version predates the Beatles cover by about three years.

The Coasters are spare, universal and timeless pop music; a difficult label to place on virtually anybody else but Ray Charles.

Buy "The Coasters Ultimate Collection" from Amazon.
If you haven't touched the Coasters before, I genuinely envy you the opportunity. Here's as good a place to get started as any: "Smokey Joe's Cafe", "Charlie Brown", "Poison Ivy", "Little Egypt", "Young Blood" and "Framed" are all honest-to-gosh indisputable classics.
Explore this somewhat exhaustive Coasters fansite.
Visit the current incarnation of the Coasters on the web.
Take a test drive in these cool cats.
Split a bag of the best potato chips ever.


Unknown Artists - "De Los Tres Colores Madre"

This tastes pretty, pure, brief and uncorrupted; like a bite of ripe mango. Waves of maracas and tincan percussion clack and clank like a flood of oysters, bearing a few strident voices on their shells. The song passes in you and through you and on to another city.

The flawed but priceless Babelfish translates the title as "Mother of the Three Colors" which would suggest to me that this is a flag anthem... except the Spanish and local regional flags are TWO colors. I can't dig up the notes for this disc as they're over in Florida (long story), but I would welcome background that any of my Spanish listeners could provide.

Buy "The World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music Volume 4: Spain", direct from Rounder Records.
This whole collection is a joy; the Irish and Indian albums are particularly strong.
Learn more about the Asturias region of Spain, from where this track hails.
Read (on an entirely different note) about the music of Medieval Spanish Jews.


George W. Pussy: The Saga Continues.

"I thought it would kinda bring Rick James back to life," he says over the phone from his home in Ann Arbor. "I can imagine Rick James, instead of saying, ‘I’m Rick James, bitch!’ saying, ‘I’m Rick James, Bush!’ Ha ha ha!"

That song REMAINS available for download.
Spread the word Tofusketeers; I want this guy to have a record contract by the end of the year.
Journey to the Past offers the "Shaft in Africa" soundtrack (with Four Tops vocals)!
Bitchin' ILM threads, part 15: I met screw in '94 at a fat pat show, The 40 Most OMGWTFLOL(ROFFLE) Songs Of The 90s (drop by Music 4 Robots to DL remixes of the #1!) and The Music of Grand Theft Auto 'San Andreas'.
The tracklistings for GTA III make it look like they'll be worth the price of admission on their own.
In the interest of non-partisan political commentary and general unity, you may feel free to Slap the Candidate of your choice.
Strangely, this doesn't seem to ever get old.
Kimdog is transformed into "a giant graphic behind Mary Hart's head" when she's called on to Entertainment Tonight to comment on "the new reality show The Biggest Loser, which basically reinforces lots of stereotypes about fat people and promotes the same failure based weight loss mentality that the diet industry has been using for the last several decades to make billions of dollars."

Kimdog is your BEST source for ex-Tennessee/nu-York/big girl/godless heathen news and if you ain't bookmarking that, you're nuts. The archives are hella good readin'.

Now post the menage a trois story!
I'm about to embark on a serious cleanup of the links and maybe even a slight redesign; if you were going to contact me about your new musicblog in hopes of getting a link, now's the time.