Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Big 10

glistening by the numbers: TEN

808 State - "10 X 10"

41: Loopy goodness at first. rhythmic-lyric loop good, goes on too drudgingly, dull, becomes boring. great sample'y outro.

Lee: This track doesn't really go well after Marvin....after a welcomed dose of soul, the fake piano and drum machine feels cheap. Wrong somehow. As far as techno-dance stuff goes, I have a very limited threshold on what appeals to me. It has to be either melodic, or it needs a killer riff to drive it, or some totally weird things like Art Of Noise. Unfortunately, this track is like techno wallpaper.

Jamie: Honestly? Indifferent towards this one. Couldn't think of a good quip, old story or something pretentious to say. Nothing wrong with it, but it's just there.

Rosecrans: Ugh. Gospel for house parties? As in, parties thrown in big warehouses on Sunday mornings, where people drink Vitamin Water while they dance?

David: I've never really liked 808 State. I just find them a little boring. This track all seems a little forced - it sounds like music by numbers (haha!).

This holds up for me as an extravagant game show theme; maybe the Running Man. The gospel choir is unabashedly the choice of a new generation; the synth bass sweeps over church piano and the video game efx rattle and bleep like a cloud of electric locusts. Comin' ta getcha!

For crying out loud, IT HAS A DOUBLE-TIME CLAP TRACK. Come on. Just how cynical ARE you?

Buy "Gorgeous", late era '98 techno as techno/broad stroke dance music, from "Amazon".
I'd start with "Ex-El" if I were you.
Visit 808 State's official site and learn about their new release, Prebuild.
Read this brief State interview.
Nothin' sounds quite like an 8. 0. 8.


The Bailes Brothers - "Romans Ten and Nine"

Romans 10:9 is a serious evangelical bugaboo as the assertion that faith in Jesus=eternal salvation runs directly opposite of certain church doctrine, notably baptism and that keeping the commandments thingy. I suppose it's clearer than ever these days that the oversimplification of scripture by certain bumbleheaded bornagains makes loads of problems for those who recognize that moral absolutes are not the sort of thing that you just add water to. They need the strength of convictions, clarity and empathy.

Perhaps I'm just bitter.

Nothing bitter about this beautiful cornpone gospel, though.

Buy "Oh So Many Years", a glorious compilation of the Bailes Brothers music, from Amazon.
Visit CMT's Bailes Brothers page.
The Roman Number Convertor


Lately, we've gone from five posts a week to three.

Some reasons why the posting schedule has been so erratic:

1. The drugs are working.
2. ILM
3. Work.
4. Confusion with moving (AGAIN) and other such silliness.
5. Girls, girls, girls, girls; girls I do adore.
6. GTA: San Andreas
7. Attack of lower back pain from hours hunched over the keyboard. Sewiously.

All this will end. Over the weekend I'll get it together enough to get several days of posts ahead of time.

Meanwhile, we beg your indulgence like we've never begged before.

grovel grovel.