Monday, January 10, 2005

Neruda was a pimp, yo.

glistening by the numbers: TWENTY

It's dub sack day at the Hut! Smoke em if ya got em.

Jay Z with Boo and Gotti - "20 Bag Shorty"

41: I don't like the lyrics. I don't like most popular new school (as opposed to old school) rap lyrics. I find them difficult to get into. There's a certain feel that's drastically different, however I can dig on a bit of new school and the beat here, that flutey tootie toot, all smooth and what not, be aight then a muh! The chorus is catchy as well.

Lee: I don't think I will ever hear what others do in this style of rap music. I love funk, soul, jazz, fusion, and yes *some* rap, but this just has nothing to interest me. Again, the music behind the rap has to go somewhere, it has to have a real groove, not just some cut-up Grover Washington Jr. beat and looped beyond infinity with no variation. If it doesn't have that, then I'm forced to listen to the rap itself, and I don't care how many chicks these dude serve. Better lose that shizznit. Marvin, we need you more than ever, man.

Jamie: If somebody tried to make a sanitized edit of this, it'd be as long as the time it takes you to read this paragraph.

Rosecrans: Great way to wrap up. It was nice when Jay-Z cared enough to put this kind of track together and didn't mind getting outshined on his own song.

David: I've always somehow avoided Jay Z. I don't know why (or how), but, if this is typical of his stuff, its certainly not as bad as I'd been lead to believe. It's quite nice.

SOMEBODY explain why this never made the cut in America? This smells to all the world like a "Reasonable Doubt" outtake, but hit in '01. Seems like a natural for "The Blueprint". Go figure.

Jigga DOES get close to getting smoked by his guests here but he manages to hold his end up nicely.

Boo's falsetto flights of fancy are LOADS of fun. It's a shame that these guys have never seemed to find an audience except as step-ins.

Amazon doesn't have this import single in for sale but eight bucks nets you this and a buncha other bangin' obscurities ("Marcy to Hollywood" is definitely on my Jigga top ten list) on this mix from Mixunits, shipping included.

Caveat emptor: I don't know how reliable these folks are. I may test them out myself shortly; this mix of Clipse rarities looks just too good to pass up.
Jay Z, Jay Z, Jay Z... I think I've heard of him...
Read more about perennial bridesmaids Boo and Gotti at the Cash Money website; load the site and go to the artists page.
Listen to this extensive Beeb interview with Jigga... shortly after meeting Prince Charles.

"Y'know, we just kicked it."

Be warned; HOVA is hardly a scintillating interview subject.
Much like MJ, the man tends to speak in the vaguest of generalities.
Watch direct video link, click carefully Jigga get shot up in the "99 Problems" video.

Pointless Vincent Gallo cameo!
Several twenty bag shorties.

The Forbes article kills me.


dead prez - "Twenty"

Just so ya know, I'm a teetotaller these days. I signed off weed completely after one too many p-noid incidents and stopped drinking effective last year.

So what do I do?

Girls girls girls girls.

(Once they're, you know, ripe.)

And music.

Buy "revolutionary but gangsta", dead prez's last release, from Amazon.

So with dp, I gotta tell you: I like the album and I like the beats but the dead prez reactionary philosopy is a major turnoff. Their poorly-thought-out neo-Panthers sensibilities aren't racist; they're just not especially lucid, progressive or logical. Michael Franti came way more correct way back in the nineties, y'know?

I don't necessarily question prez's intentions but their execution at least is severely flawed.

And even tho' it's a cheap shot, you've gotta question the sensibilities of any revolutionaries who get paid by Sony.

In any case, they DO put out the occasional hot track.

It still ain't gonna be televised, ya'll.

Except maybe in the Ukraine.

Razom nas Bahato, motherfuckers!
Visit dead prez's official site.
Read this Vibe dp interview.
Read this brief blog note and the ensuing shitstorm of discussion on dp over at JSmooth's place.

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