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FORKSCLOVETOFU SEZ: Anthony Miccio is a poprocka and th' Hut's expert on all things big, radio-friendly and glistening that might otherwise escape our more rockist readers earholes.
Anthony dispenses wisdom and choice bon mots at Anthony is Right.
Miccio's biological clock is a-tickin', hence today's warm and fuzzy kitty collection. Expect excess machismo from him in the future to rehabilitate his wonky testosterone equilibrium; my bet is on an ICP marathon.

Red House Painters - "Wop-A-Din-Din

Local H - "Cha! Said the Kitty"

I like cats, the "BURNT POPTARTS" icon up there is a cat and these are two classic songs about cats.

The Local H one might be metaphorical, but there aren't a lot of angry songs that climax on the words "kitty cat," so there you go.

"Wop-A-Din-Din" is such an evocative tale of a man's affection for his pet that I plan to purchase one myself once I have a bigger place. I should get a guy cat and name him Princess Cinderella, as I want to see if animals are capable of gender issues, but I'll probably chicken out and name him Taime. I'd like to think he'll be one of the faster pussycats.

Buy Local H's "Pack Up The Cats" at the band's website.
The band is still active, still cranky, still awesome and their cover of "Toxic" is a hoot.
Read this chat transcript with Scott Lucas of Local H.
"No, I have no cat. But if I did, I'd call the cat Maude."
Buy "Old Ramon", the final Red House Painters album, from Sub Pop.
Read this interview with RHP leader and Bon Scott interpeter Mark Kozelek.
"We went to play in Mexico City and I was supposed to come home the next day and I ended up staying for two months. I ended up missing my cat so I wrote a song about my cat."
For more kitty goodness, check out the remarkable cat mix CD at Oddio Overplay.
If felines aren't your cuppa, try some songs about dogs.


Two things REALLY impress me about the Oscar winning animated short film Ryan: the manifestation of psychological hollowness and loss given reality and the fact that this was done without rotoscoping/movement sensors, etc. and was concieved of entirely on a computer.

Given the warmth and humanity of the film, that's a surprising achievement.
Craig Ferguson's Mom and the RZA (video)
File under It's-About-Fucking-Time: Feist will FINALLY see a U.S. release for "Let It Die" in April.

Longtimer on the musicblog circuit will remember that Fluxblog and Gramophone dropped different versions of "Mushaboom" over a YEAR ago now. Having scored an import copy, I thought this album was DEFINITELY in my list of the top ten releases of '04; it looks like the suits agree, as this is already lined up for "O.C" privileges and they're already invoking the sacred Norah Jones parallels.

I gotta admit that the sky IS the limit for this album in terms of potential crossover; I made a copy for my mom about six months ago and SHE'S still listening to it!

Let's get that old interblog hype machine rolling again for Leslie, shall we? I love her dearly and would be much satisfied to see her become a ubiquitous fixture on every channel and at home in every Starbux. She's gentle and sharp and disco and that cute girl down at the coffee shop will likely love her.

Here's a cut off of the everything-old-is-new-again album to get you all salivating.

Feist - "Leisure Suite"

Spread the word.
Holy Mackeral: Dozens (possibly HUNDREDS) of unbelievably smooth NYC hip hop show flyers circa 1981. Shit was SERIOUS.
It's the little things that make it worthwhile.
It's not like anybody ever invites me to baby showers (i'd prolly stick my dick in the mashed potatoes anyway; but if they DID, I'd bring a "Dingo Snack" T or a Cow Titty Bottle.
I _think_ the light sleeper is more of a design prototype/art project than an honest-ta-god product, but I'd like one NOW.
Bald heads arouse the Bush.
How I Saved the Future goes beyond art, pranksterism and role playing and moves into that rarified air of the wholly and utterly awe-inspiring.

More of this please, God.
Eat Your Records

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