Wednesday, March 23, 2005

glisten: Feist (appetizer)

Feist and Jane Birkin - "The Simple Story"

I saw Leslie Feist last night at her second show at Joe's Pub and was duly wowed.

Me and my girl stumbled home late last night after suitable ebulliance and unhealthy snacks and, once the girl had been laid down, I threw myself at the computer to do a bit of sleuthing as to what the web had to offer on Ms. Feist.

Having thus stuffed myself a fat sausage of data and tunage, I knocked out around three in th' morning with all links in place and only the Sisyphean task of the actual WRITING left. Now here it is 9:00 AM and I must be off for my requisite thirteen hours of indentured servitude, fetching expensive coffee for angry jewish grandmothers.

Suffice it to say, I've much to say and share but no time.

Check back late tonight or early tomorrow (or y'know, whatever your personal meridian dictates) for LOTS of links and background on Feist, a hearty review of her wondrous live chops and music from her out-of-print first album... plus some live material, too!

In between-time, here's something to get the juices juicy: a funky little duet with famed French chanteuse Jane Birkin.

Enjoy! Tip your waiters! See you tonight!

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