Tuesday, March 22, 2005

glisten: shorties

A little bonus glisten for you afore I run out the door:

Estelle - "1980"

Talk about a late find: the venerable Gramophone dropped this track back in July of '04, but I think it merits another spin.

My UK readers probably consider "1980" old news, but US Hutters have likely never heard this sweet Lauryn Hill-esque bio-rap. I'm a sucker for strings and clap tracks and fake female choir synths. The lyrics are bright and something more than the 894th variant on the "we grew up STREET" meme; I rather like "The man downstairs was dead for three weeks / his own cats started to eat him / the house starts to reek" and "benediction was all we'd wait for / so we could run home and play Connect Four."

Buy Estelle's first album, "The 18th Day," from Amazon UK.
Read Stylus' somewhat ambivalent review of the LP.
Read this interview with Estelle.


Turtle TV
Movies spoofs with turtles as actors; my girl thinks it's dorkish and I'll admit it's about as incisive as Mad magazine, circa 1987... but c'mon! Turtles! In sunglasses!
Plustech's Forest Walking Machines
Second link has video.
Am I wrong for wanting to get in these and go Ewok hunting?
Yub Nub!
Artpad and Segplay will help you waste your day.
The first allows you to draw MS Paint-style pictures and then mail slick video of the production to, I don't know, your mom or something; Segplay is an endless/make-your-own online paint-by-numbers set.
Rocklist offers "critic single and album lists from 1974 to 2004, pop poll results from the 1952 to 2004 issues of New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Select, Q, Mojo, Rolling Stone, Spin, & Village Voice, various European publications and several independent fanzines from around the globe, personal lists from critics including Dave Marsh and Robert Christgau plus All Time Best Film Soundtrack and Banned recordings."
A nice companion piece to DJ Martian's insanely comprehensive site.
Salami and manhole floor mats.
Can't get a price on the meatatami (sic), but the NYC Manhole cover is fairly cheap and way rad!
This documentary excerpt on the making of a McDonald's commercial, circa 1974, includes an interview with the seventies Ronald, King Moody.
The golden arches would NEVER allow a camera this close to their soft innards these days. Captain Crook sighting!
And TWO Mayor McCheeses! The plot thickens!
"What is a clitoral hood?"
Taken from the Planned Parenthood's TeenWire site.
"Clittle League" baseball shirts would make BAZILLIONS.
Hurra Torpedo's infamous video for Total Eclipse of the Heart with appliance percussion is a bit on the "WACKY!" side for me, but girls seem to really like it...
Tofu merchandise sussed out on the web: I ♥ Tofu patches, pins and t-shirts!
Stock up and show the world your good taste! And get ME one!

dork magazine, culture pulp, For No Good Reason and Japundit are all worth a twice over.


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