Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Quarterbox
The Quarterbox is the Hut's clearinghouse for all manner of swag and shows; every connecting link should lead you to music and info...HOWEVER, as not everything here has been closely explored or listened to, we can NOT be held accountable for quality. We're just the middleman. Which is another way of saying "Caveat Emptor... but look at these pricestofu@gmail.com if you've a bit of hype you'd like to see included in the Quarterbox.
This week's Quarterbox is BIG and DRIPPY; dive in and explore.

Chris over at Sounds Are Active was nice enough to pitch us a web exclusive: his electronic project Xn.'s eight-minute live cover of a lovely track from Sufjan Steven's 'Michigan' album.

Chris reports: "At the beginning of the Xn. tour last summer, I knew that Sufjan would be coming through and I really wanted to bust something out in his honor. I got exactly the reaction I expected from him: humble, complimentary and warm. I remember he told me while he was listening he told himself: 'Man, that’s a great melody; I wish I wrote that. Ah, wait... I DID write that!'"

Xn. - "Vito's Ordination Song"

... and as long as Xn. is in the house, why not check out this cover of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" and, if you like what you've heard, maybe even buy a CD, eh?
Rock Ridge Music wants you to go to Hades.

Hades was formed by guitarist Dan Lorenzo back in 1978, playing around local rock clubs in New York and New Jersey. The band went on to open for groups such as Twisted Sister, Overkill, Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament, and more, touring in the States and Europe until their eventual break-up in 1989. Hades reunited in 1998 with new drummer Dave Lescinsky and the band signed to Metal Blade Records, releasing three CDs SaviorSelf, The Downside, and DamNation.

Listen here: Hades - "Thinktank".
Learn more here: Official Hades Website.
Indie label Glorious Noise "can only afford to release about two albums per year" but they're internet friendly enough that they offer both those albums as DLable listens.

We really want people to hear this stuff. That's why we started a record label: to share good music with people. We realize that people who really love music will support the artists they appreciate. We would rather make 8 new fans with an mp3 than make 8 quick bucks from one cd sale. Glorious Noise Records fully supports the sharing of music between music lovers.

Check out "somewhere-between-Wilco-and-Ryan-Adams" rockers Riviera and Quasar Wut Wut, who claim that listening to their music is like seeing "Edward Gorey picking up a Stratocaster and crosshatching the Pixies."
Jukeblog is a first stab at a "if-you-like-X-you'll-probably-like-Y" recommendation site for musicblogs. I'm wondering if this is thinking just a bit ahead of the curve, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
Here's what Hugues Beaumont, the creator of Jukeblog, has to say about his lil' Frankenstein:

The biggest issue with the algorithm I used to predict ratings is that a very big base of users and ratings are needed, first to compute some predictions, then to make them accurate. Since I'm not a big company but only a scholar trying to combine fun and research, the only way I can gather people around the tool is through the blogs! I'm sure a tool such as JukeBlog would be a very welcome addition to the community.

One thing that would definitely improve Jukeblog would be greater diversity of blog choice; possibly by, say, cadging a link list from a certain Tofu headed fellow? I'll have to ring their bell. The real tipping point for this utility involves a decent sized community; revolutionary-type readers might want to start circling the wagons around this fire?
Who needs a middleman?
Here's new press-kits (courtesy spinART records) for The Dears, Trashcan Sinatras and Frank Black; pretend like you're an industry type and copy the hype for your review!
"Album, a band from mexico, comprised of 4 friends, started out 2 years ago.
We believe that music is the best type of promotion we can offer, therefore you'll find all of our music for free in this site."
Venerable jazz giant Verve Records has invited a number of electronic bulls into the china shop for "Verve Remixed, Vol. 3", a collection of classic standards by legendary artists reshaped and remolded by some great DJs.
Here's a few cuts to sample in Quicktime:

Astrud Gilberto - "The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)"

Sarah Vaughan "Fever (Adam Freeland Remix)"

Blossom Dearie "Just One of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix)"

Verve also gives Billie Holiday to the Junior Boys, Jimmy Smith to Lyrics Born and Dinah Washington to DJ Dangermouse. If this horrifies you, move on; if it piques interest, check the album.
ORTF is keeping it Easy Like Sunday Morning with a massive mix of tracks, starring Nina Simone, Madvillain and Manitoba.
Courtesy of some folks that be feeling the power of th' Hut, we got new hip hop music and videos for you to check:

Common's new single "The Corner" (WMA format audio) sounds like a return to badass form; I await the new album (due mid-May) with baited breath.

It's already made its way around the web, but (better late than never) here's Ying Yang Twins - "Wait" (Video Remix)(QT format video).
I said it was gonna be huge when I first heard it and I _still_ think it's gonna be huge.
Should start rotation on MTV in a few days.

Ray J's joint "Keep Sweatin'" (WMA format audio) features guest vocals with Fat Joe and a suhweet beat from Darkchild; this Timberlake-ish riff is nice enough that Ray could get outta Moesha's shadow this year.

K-os' "Love Song" (WMA format video) is a worthy follow-up to the obscenely catchy "Crabbuckit". I'm late to catch up to K's Digable Planets style but I'm about ready to drink the Kool-Aid. He's nice.

Here's the next single from Lil' Jon - "Get Crunk" (Radio Mix) (QT format audio).
"Crunk Juice" is pretty untouchable; if you have even a passing interest in Dirty South (or punk hip hop), you're obliged to go get it.

And as long as we're talkin' Lil' Jon:

And would you believe Lil' Jon Live in NYC? For Free!?
Here's the press release:

"AOL Music LIVE! presents an exclusive, one-night-only performance by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz plus special guests at New York's Webster Hall on Tuesday, April 12. The concert will be broadcast live on the Web at www.aolmusic.com."

You're gonna want to keep an eye on that website up there; they'll be releasing some three thousand tickets at Virgin Megastores on Monday for the 9:00 Webster Hall show... but only 1,500 seats are available, so get to the venue EARLY!
The Matt Sandy Band has a revamped website; I mostly mention this because I like the press release.
Artists? You want artists? We get mail from artists.

Check out Miami bubblegum from Yohany (the beat on "At the Bar" is pretty hawt); would-be Radio Disney pre-teen unit-shifter Victoria Acosta ("The World's Gone Crazy" contains some Prince-ish cheap shots at Ashlee Simpson and Doctor Phil?); Andrea Gillis and Blimpus; Slim Thug (those not yet acquainted with the "Still Tippin'" kid should cop some tunage from his site: "Like a Boss" strikes me as uninteresting but the Jazzy Pha joint "Incredible Feeling" is Al Green-biting FYAH); The Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra is a full-size orchestra that plays R+B stylee; Republic of Safety can't seem to decide if they're a country band or a band that's a country (hint: they're a lot closer to Toronto rock); "nu-jazz" DJ Mark DeClive's cool-out/big-beat mixes are hotncool like peppermint; The Likwit Junkies is solid West Coast hip hop from Defari and DJ Babu; many of the roster of the Euro-Visions label will be coming in June to NYC to hobnob and hype.