Friday, June 10, 2005


OSHA'S Fatal Facts
Each of these seventy ("There is No Number 65"?) death on the job reports includes a complex description of the incidents surrounding the accident, the victims age and sex, the repercussions and, strangest of all, a small cartoon of what the death looked like.
Why and how such a cartoon would be commissioned is beyond me; I would like to go on record as requesting that no one cartoon my death by nailgun, thanks.
"All the music on this page was composed, performed, produced, and recorded by the students of the Choir Academy charter school, grades 4-8, in Chicago."
Let's hear it for CA Sounds! There's just something about kids rapping that does it for me; the "baby remix" could probably chart and "unknown cookie" is crunk as fuck!
Web Wunderkammer
A lovely visual collection of offbeat items, arranged randomly and open for contributions.
Only twelve, but what a twelve!
Kim's Video Raided by NYPD/RIAA
They arrested five people whose only crime was working there.
Because what did a mixtape ever do for Fiddy? Er, wait...
This is depressing, though why anyone would be buying mixtapes at a brick and mortar establishment confuses the hell outta me... although, admittedly, this IS where I've gotten all my Diplo from.
As a kid, I played the hell outta Breakout on the old 2600; this is doing an awful good job of putting me back in front of the old wood console again.
H, I. T, L, E, R... Thought we'd never make it but here we are.
"Now the SS on my jacket stands for "Super Smooth".
Bitchin' Lil' Girls singin' Korean Karaoke (autoload movie, SFW but LOUD)
The one on the right is my new hero.
via Mystuntedgrowth
I somehow got tapped to contribute to a Salon piece on Live 8; I'm more proud of my company than my writing, but there you are.
Loads of great string videos!
Abba in Spanish
via Frank's Vinyl Museum
I'll check back in as soon as I can with some tunage!