Thursday, September 01, 2005

Welcome back. Let's try this again, shall we? Once more with feeling?

Posts from here on are more likely to be shorter and more frequent, as per the constant suggestion of such from my personal peanut gallery. Let me know.

glisten: Himuro

Himuro - One Day of the Beetle

Himuro - "Button of Reset"

Listen to two more tracks from Mild Fantasy Violence, courtesy Zod Records.
MFV is surprisingly difficult to come by; Zod doesn't sell it and I didn't have much luck finding anyone else who did. Any leads?

NEW NOTE: Zod CAN fulfill orders for this disc. Email them at info@zodrecords.com and tell 'em th' Hut sent you!

Read the tinymixtape review of Mild Fantasy Violence.
I agree with most of Dave's take on the album, but think he's giving Himuro's ingenuity and mixing skills short shrift. While nostalgia is, no doubt, one of the factors that make Himuro's musical adventures so engaging, it's his deft appropriation of Aphex-y wet clicks and shrugs, the strangely organic-rendered-from-circuitry Daft ambience and the mad pop-lockin' Bambaata beats that kept me coming back for more.

Read this brief interview and overview of Himuro's work.

Visit Himuro's immensely satisfying personal site.
Don't miss his 'sound diary'; it's chock-full of fun, noodly exploration to listen to.


Cypress Hill frontman B-Real has joined in audioblogging in a big way; you can find well over a hundred full-length, free tracks from B over at his official website.
It's called travellin' music; bustin'-ya-ass-style.
My favorite media whore starts up a new blog: Kimdog's Fat Celebrity News.
But don't get it twisted...
WFMU's astonishing Beware of the Blog should already be a daily click for you; if you're new to the site, here's a few choice tidbits to get you started.
Virtual reality has come a long way, baby.
Rhymefest- "Brand New" VS. Lamar RAPS!
Little known fact: Lamar was Kanye's first taste of stardom.
K got grill skillz!
I'm yanking on Kanye, but I hate to love him. "Golddigger" is addictive.
An honest-to-god Tofu Hut.
Man, I TOTALLY should've gotten into Street Wars; I need more stress in my life.
Jumpin' Kitties!
Meet my new desktop.
Hosanna and wonder to the triumphant return of I, Asshole!
Ninjam is people creating songs as a sort of exercise in internet exquisite corpse-ry. Not always great art but good for a giggle.
Hanzis Matter presents the flipside of Engrish.


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