Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jim Jack Paddy Whack

glisten: The Knack

The Knack - "Pop Is Dead"
Tasty coffin-calling from a pot calling the kettle corpulent that's neat enough to allow you to overlook the horrendous lyrics.

The Knack - "Harder On You"
A perfect tack-on to any breakup mix, 'Harder On You's bad-boy emo sneer has aged remarkably well; likely due to the preservative of a vicious and rock-out with-your-cock-out guitar line.

Prior to this week, I've never considered myself a Knack fan. The band's best known track, the ubiquitous 'My Sharona' brings to mind a slew of "wacky", pseudo-impromptu dance sequences from a dozen bad circa-'94 films and nothing else. Imagine my surprise when I popped the seal on this quarter-century old fake-live collection (don't be fooled by the cheers, this is a canned companion to the staged DVD of the same name) and found some of the most fun radio-friendly-unit-shifting that I'd heard in an age.

The Knack's appeal has always been that of a neutered Andrew WK or Skid Row more than a ballsier REM or The Cure; the naughty-boy nature of songs like 'Good Girls Don't' and 'Baby Talks Dirty' ain't hardly shocking and sounds even hokier now then it did then. Anyone expecting more than big ass rock drowning in a thick Velveeta sauce will likely be disappointed. Those of us who revel in the scent of vacuuum-packed plastic with our power-pop are in for a treat.

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