Sunday, December 11, 2005

step one, friday: itunes crashes

step two, friday night: windows crashes

step three, saturday night: reinstall windows

step four, saturday night: D + E drives unformat

step five, saturday night: ipod erased

step six, after hours on sunday: windows reinstalled. internet up. All external and secondary drives claiming "unformatted" resulting in all music missing. Some 60 thousand songs worth. All documents and writing missing. Last backup was in March, 50 dvds worth of material but do I reformat drives? Should've tried to back up now, but with windows hardly working it seemed impossible. Do I try to salvage? Difficulty keeping lunch down.

step seven: going to cry for a bit.

Data recovery guy calling tonight; going to badger my friendly work tech guy.

Maybe time for a new computer? Dunno. Nauseous over this, of course and trying hard to quell desire to take a hammer to the whole sh-bang.

Further reports forthcoming. Prayer and voodoo curses are appreciated.