Friday, April 28, 2006

As you've prolly noticed, my hosting is temporarily suspended yet again (and has been since wednesday) which is frustrating.
Hopefully this'll be resolved shortly and we'll get back to th' Lucky 13 Mix; for now, I only have words for you.


I've said it before and now I'm saying it again: you really must make jon's jail journal an active part of your web experience. Shaunn Attwood aka Jon is a forty-seven year old man from Britain serving a nine and a half year sentence in Arizona for white collar crime and drug possession. Shaunn details his experience in prison by telling memorable tales of his own experiences and stories he acquires by interviewing other cellies. He then gives the manuscript to his parents, who transcribe it onto his blog. It's a real look behind the iron curtain, told skillfully and intelligently. Worth your time.
Kool Keith is all over the place lately; as part of the Ultramagnetic MC's reunion, on the Substance Abuse track 'A Night on the Town' and, most interestingly, boomeranging Doctor Octagon moniker for a new album. The obnoxious 'press advance' drop-ins on that myspace page make it difficult to tell, but could be worth keeping an eye out for.
Afrirampo were the first actual 'date' I ever had with my current girlfriend. Pikachu and Oni are super cool. I want to marry both of them. Watch this nutty noisy video and tell me you don't feel the same.
The Coup have their new album, Pick a Bigger Weapon out on Wednesday which means I have it TODAY and you should have it tomorrow.

I got to catch the Coup live about two weeks ago at NYU as part of their Hip Hop Unbound Festival. Though DJ Pam didn't make it out, Boots laid down a helluva good show with an astonishing three piece live band and a bitchin' back-up soul singer; everything they did from the new album sounds great. Go forth and purchase without regret.
This is the part of the show where we watch Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Pryor watch video of Minnie Riperton being attacked by a lion.
Based on the popular graphic novel:
People should not be afraid of cookie, cookie should be afraid of people.
If you've ever wondered which came first, A1 Steak Sauce or Campbell's soup (the former, by over forty years and BOTH predate peanut butter); then The Online Food Timeline should be right up your alley.