Monday, May 15, 2006

Born on April Fool's Day, but Amos Milburn was nobody's fool ('cept maybe anagrammatically)

glisten - Lucky 13 Pt. 7: Amos Milburn

#13: Amos Milburn - Let Me Go Home, Whiskey

#14: Amos Milburn - Three Times A Fool

Amos Milburn is one of the missing links between the boogie down juke joints of the forties and the bad boy Southern rockers (think Presley, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee, Little Richard) of the fifties. His rough and tough rhythm and blues made him king of the roost for almost a decade on the RnB charts; the man put nineteen songs on the top ten between '48 and '54.

The two songs I've put up here are pretty indicative of the man's repertoire; both are fairly danceable rough and tumble fun. Both also carry dark messages under their catchy coat about the payment due for the good life. 'Let Me Go Home' is, more or less, about alcoholism and 'Three Times' is about cuckolding... but hey, it's a good time, man!

Let the record spin; let Amos sing and let's make a night of it.

tell me more about it...

Want more? Sure you do.

Hardly anything on iTunes but eMusic offers a solid best of; copies of the three disc Capitol box set sell for seventeen bucks used on Amazon and the two disc 'The Chicken Shack Boogie Man' compilation goes for thirteen simoleons at Elderly. Price looks right all around.

Listen to two more tracks from Amos at Livin' Blues.
'Bad Bad Whiskey' is not to be missed; you WILL be astonished.

You can also listen here to the Milburn holiday classic 'Christmas Comes But Once A Year' and to read an excellent brief on Amos from one of my all new favorite bloggers, Red Kelly.

Red runs not one, not two but three fabulous blogs of vinyl rippin' goodness, chock fulla soul and glory. The wise among you will get your bookmarkin' fingers ready when you click on these; dude's work is golden.

Read this extensive history of Milburn.

The internet, oddly enough doesn't offer many decent pictures of Milburn (though there's several lovely watermarked ones over at Redferns). If you'd like to get a better look at the man, I'd recommend this "badass" portrait from a fave cartoonist of mine, Jim Blanchard.

Have some fun with whiskey.

Looks like Milburn's heirs are putting together a hopefully-soon-to-be-live official website; here's hoping it comes to fruition soon.


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