Monday, May 22, 2006

glisten - Lucky 13 Pt. 8: A Slow Dance + a Side of Syrup

Two uber-sweet rnb cheek-to-cheek ballads.
Freakazoid robots, find your sweetie and report to the dance floor, stat.

15. The Chanteclairs - I've Never Been There

Another case of not much recording and not much documentation, the little known Chanteclairs produced only four sides that I've been able to find, all of them in 1954 for Dot Records.

'I've Never Been There' is gently swinging doo wop with a train-like 'Happy Trails' beat. Great performance from the lead, too.

tell me more about it...

Not a whole lot of avenues to find more from The Chanteclairs but, if you gotta, you can buy the sixth volume of the Dot Doo-Wop Collection from Dead Dog Records. It contains three of the band's four extant songs, including 'I've Never Been There'.

Listen to this realaudio clip for The Chanteclairs only other A-side, 'Baby Please', courtesy The Doo Wop Net.

Read the story of the Gallatin, TN based Dot Records label.

16. The Flamingos - I'll Be Home

The Flamingos are one of the best-known bands of the doowop era, primarily for their memorable cover of the Dick Powell classic 'I Only Have Eyes for You'; which hip hop heads may best remember as the hook for The Fugees 'Zealots'. 'I'll Be Home', pressed in '55 on the Checker imprint at Chess Records, was the band's first big hit on the Billboard R&B and, as covered by Pat Boone, pop charts.

Beautiful echo-chamber vocals and lovely choral flourishes probably got many a debutante to give it up in the bucket seat.

Suggestive lyrics, too: "My time's about up, doll. So long until I'll be home to start serving you."

tell me more about it...

Not much Flamingos love (barring the obvious token 'I Only Have Eyes') on either iTunes or eMusic.
Amazon has a host of options, best boiled down to either the eleven buck Rhino best-of or the 'Collectors Only' twenty-six buck, two disc set; 'I'll Be Home' is part of both.

Visit the official Flamingos website, this interview heavy fanpage on Bob Davis' Soul Patrol (mind the embedded sound), the band's inductee page at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and this surprisingly comprehensive wiki.

Listen to an album's worth of Flamingos classics.
It's realaudio, but you can't have everything.

A quarter million bucks buys a lot of cokes.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Flamingos but were afraid to ask.

bonus glisten: delicious norwegian pizza jingle

Grandiosa - Respekt for Grandiosa (Lørdagspizza)

Grandiosa is a Norway based frozen pizza company whose products are phenomenally popular amongst Norwegians. Their pizzas are also exported to some of the outlying Scandi countries and to expats across Europe. The above song is the theme for their current advertising campaign and its popularity is hard to believe; it's topped the Norwegian pop charts for eight weeks, beating out Shakira, Rihanna, Mary J, Pink and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

That's-a spicy pizza!

Bouncy and synthetic as a ball of processed mozzarella, the Grandiosa jingle is just too good to go ignored by American pop listeners. Since we Yanks are unlikely to get hit by this particular not-sold-in-the-states ad wagon, I figure it's a public service to drop 'Grandiosa' on you as a bonus track. Respekt!

Visit the largely defunct Grandiosa website.

Watch the 'Respekt for Grandiosa' advert video.


Yeah, I remember The Inhumanoids too.
I'm only about five thousand sites behind on the audioblog list on the right (I'll likely have to take a week off from work to get it back together again before the end of the year), but here's three guys that have taken the model and run with it:

Good Hodgkins representing the Cleveland/Indie scene to the fullest.

Fidelisharium offers obscure, out-of-print full length albums, running the gamut from Yamaha organ demonstration discs to Nigerian high-life.

Basement Songs hails from a WNYU DJ; mostly hipster stuff but a sprinkling of offbeat world pop and electronic too.
Poor widdle wallaby...
I've been reading Paul Lukas' excellent Uni-Watch column on ESPN for almost a year now; it's an obsessive collection of sports uniform ephemera and evolution written in a style of dense hyperlink and opinionated rhetoric that will seem pretty familiar to any fans of th' Hut.

Dude finally got a Uni-Blog; go check it out.
Bolly YouTube Gumnaam Fun comes in pairs.
Gnarls Barkley hit NYC's Webster Hall today; anybody with tickets or label connection should drop me a line as I would love to see Cee-Lo live sooner rather than later.
Insane props to controversial costumed Finnish deathmetalheads Lordi, on winning Eurovision, a feat best understood as GWAR winning American Idol or, less prosaically, Carrie winning Prom Queen and then killing her entire class with TK.

Watch Lordi's winning performance and read this interview with Lordi frontman, Tomi Putaansuu.
8008135 and 800813 |)15(U5510|\|
NSFW, natch.
I'm about three hundred emails behind; if you've written lately, please be patient. I'm gettin' to ya.

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