Monday, June 12, 2006

spiffy cinema

With the advent of Youtube and Googlevideo, there's often more of interest to watch on the internet than there is on your average array of basic cable stations. Here's a few things that've caught my eye as of late:

"Fuckin' mounds a fuckin' whipped cream"

If watching this cat boisterously bark obscenities plucks yer magic twanger (and I know it does mine), there's a few dozen more just like this at Michael Caracciolo's personal site.
Big Pimpin' on B-L-A-D's.

And, from the same folks, don't miss the Jackass-esque antics of Clown Down.
Oddly compelling: Brokeback Snake Mountain.

And here's another cowboy flashback: do you still hanker for a hunka cheese?
Unsurprising understatement: Internet nerds like Super Mario Brothers.

Clearly drug influenced live reinactment

Your Princess is in another castle, dude.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Which reminds me, there's dozens of good 80's cartoon themes on Youtube. Certainly enough to merit another spiffy cinema feature, soon. But first...

Super Mario on Ice
Princess Peach talking like Mae West? Off-model Luigi blowing up ice-koopas with a raygun? Jason Bateman thwarted from his dreams of video game domination over Alyssa Milano because of a Nintendo computer virus? Mr. Belvedere as Bowser? Could this be the most fucked up video in the history of man?
Could be.
Parker the Talking Dachshund

No relation to Rusty.

God, I love dachshunds.
"Still Breakin' the Hard Way?"


For the real thing you'll want to look elsewhere.
One Got Fat
"This is rock and roll!"
There was a time not longer than three decades ago when hip hop was a bit more innocent and here's proof.
Nine amazing short episodes of the trippy Japanese Kid's show, Kure Kure Takora or 'Gimme Gimme Octopus'.
"Satan! I forgot my canine in the washing machinery!"
The fact that I find this endlessly funny likely doesn't speak well of me, but we all have our weaknesses and mine is cuddleperson.
July 4th come early.