Monday, April 30, 2007

I gotta start stocking up on my new favorite food

glisten: walkie talkie

Time for my weekly round-up of Pub interviews; those of you somewhat in the dark as to what this is all about are welcome to get all the details in the first of these posts here.

I wasn't able to connect with too many people this week, but there is a little surprise at the bottom for those of you curious (and masochistic) enough to go fishing for it.

So without further ado:

Colin Channer

Colin is a bestselling author from Jamaica who has published several books on Caribbean life. He occasionally reads his own work as a theatrical performance and is currently performing a piece drawn from the experiences of his own family life called "How To Beat a Child the Right and Proper Way".

Visit Colin's official homepage.
Read another interview with Colin.


Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera is a legendary singer who has been performing for almost forty years. He's especially revered in the Puerto Rican community.

Watch Danny perform Michael Bolton's "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" in Spanish and make it sound quite nice.

Big Pun fans may be more familiar than they think with Danny's song 'En Un Rincon Del Alma'; it's the basis for 'It's So Hard'.

Read a brief bio.


Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes is a singer/songwriter with a folk sensibility. His new album 'Flowering Spade' is due out in a few months.

Listen to a full length track from Sean Hayes called 'Calling All Cars'.

Visit Sean's official home page.


Eleni Mandell

Eleni Mandell is an L.A.-based singer songwriter who's long been a critical favorite. She's in town to promote her new album, 'Miracle of Five'.

Visit Eleni's official site, but mind th' flash.

Listen to a full length track from Eleni's new album called 'The Make Out King'.



Yes, me. I got a lovely phone call from a fellow who is a Music Management Student at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts who's writing his dissertation on audioblogs and he wanted to follow up on the points that were brought up a few years ago in the Morning News round table interview. Mostly it's me running off at the mouth without much to say, but I figure turnabout is fair play, so here it is if you want it. I do ramble on like a fool and if I were you, I'd stick to blisspop... so don't say you haven't been warned.