Wednesday, May 30, 2007

From photographer Denis Darzacq's beautiful collection of falling bodies


The sad effects of real world Tetris in Grand National's 'Drink To Moving On'
Catchy song, better video.

Jumpstyle dance falls into that difficult to pin down area between clogging and breakdancing.
All I know is that everyone's doing it and that this video is terrifyingly awesome.
Now if only the music wasn't so soulless and uninteresting...

"Like something out of science fiction, the fruiting body of the cordycepts fungus erupts from the ant's head. It can take three weeks to grow and when finished the deadly spores will burst from its tip. Then, any ant in the vicinity will be in serious risk of death."
Next time you're feeling sorry for yourself, just thank god that there aren't any killer zombie mushrooms that prey on the human race.
Well, except for mucormycosis. And for the love of god, don't GIS that.

ZeFrank interview on the nature of creativity
He's a rare talent and a good example of the simultaneous empowering and compartmentalizing effects of the web; it's crazy that there are folks in entertainment who don't know ZeFrank but can list all the songs Sanjaya did.

Tiny, gothic Japanese girl throws mighty chokeslams, to the LUM theme, no less!
We need an American version, pronto.

Honestly, it's one of the most major change-of-life purchases I've ever made. I'm strongly recommending my fellow allergy/sinus infection/nasal issue sufferers give this sucker a try.
Just don't don't pour booze up there; that's just dumb.

Tangentially related: extreme enema tales in the Guardian.
NOT for the faint of heart.

Some music: electronic from Nevenen, multiculti funkpunk from CONGOPUNQ, scattered covered smothered tunage from The Waffle House Music Machine, Yung Joc's awesome banger 'Coffee Shop' and Jonathan Coulton's 'Code Monkey'.

Doctor fish cure your psoriasis by eating your skin.
I'm betting this'll be a feature at a New York spa before the end of '08.

Online gametime with Onslaught.
Got six hours to kill?