Tuesday, May 15, 2007

how high's the blood, mama?


glisten: son of tofu hut

Son of Tofu Hut is a collaboration with The King Open School of Cambridge, Massachusetts. King Open is a mix of races, ethnicities, social class and nationalities; a melting pot of opinions and perspectives. I've been sending discs of music to King Open to have them played to a class of seventh and eighth graders; the kids give them a listen once or twice and then write a brief critique of what they've heard. I'll be compiling their responses to present you with music, links (when available) and lightly edited (spelling and obvious typing errors are corrected, grammar and slang is not) teenagers' responses.

3 Inches of Blood - 'Destroy The Orcs'

John sez: I actually meant to send the kids the version of this song on Advance and Vanquish, not from 3 Inches earlier album Battlecry Under a Winter Sun; the Advance rendition is much cleaner and sharper. I'm posting the copy here, mostly for consistency's sake.

3 Inches brand of D&D metal is Wonderful, silly fun; who couldn't get behind an orc killing rampage? Kitsch value aside, their songs are catchy and ramshackle fast. It's good stuff for running or lifting.

They're also a hella good time live; I enjoyed myself tremendously leaping and banging around to this song at the Knitting Factory last year. I'm definitely looking forward to catching them when they (presumably) make the rounds to support their upcoming album, Fire Up the Blades. Track titles like 'The Goatriders Horde', 'The Great Hall of Feasting' and 'Rejoice in the Fires of Man's Demise" suggest no great deviation from their sword and sorcery dork metal beginnings, which is all good by me.



AMAZON 'Advance and Vanquish'

Student 1: The title of this song sounds like a song used in a video game. Once I heard the song, I loved it. I like rock and heavy metal, usually. I like this, because it's really energetic and beyond upbeat. I like some morbid things, mostly books. Very good. I also like the name of the band: Three Inches of Blood. I like most morbid things. Some morbid things are somewhat intriguing, because sometimes I find it easy to relate to. Like if you or a friend have experienced something morbid, like death or a terrible disease, you can understand what it feels like. I don't know if that was at least an okay explanation. I really enjoy this song. I would definitely put this on my iPod.

Student 2: ZZZZZZZZZZZ. This is so so so BORING it makes me want to fall to sleep on a pillow or take a nap and I hate taking naps so that's how boring it is. There are some things I like about it but its kind of weird. I like the screaming part and stuff like the "wwhhoooooaaaaa". Umm yeah, it sounds like a song some punk or rocker type chick/dude would listen too. Just not ME.

Student 3: THE ORCS ARE AFTER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! They are destroying their instruments. Get them a dictionary and teach them proper etiquette. I still dont know what they are saying.




Student 4: YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK OUT MAN!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!! I wouldn't put this on my i-pods, but it's a cool power metal song. It has an awesome beat and I find the screaming quite amusing. I hear the band's name is "Three Inches of Blood". SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! hee hee...

Student 5: Once our teacher read the lyrics to the group, I really liked them! That was so cool... Blood....

Student 6: The title sounds interesting, like a title from a movie or video game. I like this. It's heavy metal kind of cool, very energetic. The voice sounds like a cartoon character singing/yelling into the microphone. This is a cool band! I can't really understand the lyrics, but I don't mind.



Student 7: It is crazy. They have a name that could get them gunned down. They sound Asian. What are they saying?

Student 8: I'm not a really big rock fan, but I recommend this song to rockers. I think it will make you wanna scream and if you have a lot of hair you can shake it really hard and smash your things on the floor. It's a song to let out anger or a song to go kill someone.

Student 9: Starts out with the usual screaming dark guy. Of course, I can hear the constant pounding of the drums and loud melody of the guitar. The guy is trying to scare me but unfortunately all attempts fail. When I listen to the lyrics (which I can barely hear) "slay the whatever", the band reminds me of some depressed Lord of the Rings fans.

If you'd like to leave any questions or comments for me or for any of the students who are helping contribute to the Tofu Hut, feel free to do so in the comments section, but PLEASE keep the criticism constructive.