Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Time for my weekly round-up of Joe's Pub interviews; those of you somewhat in the dark as to what this is all about are welcome to get all the details in the first of these posts here.

German born Ute Lemper is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful cabaret artists in New York

On her place in the New York cabaret scene:
"I never even thought of myself as a cabaret singer until I was called one in the New York scene, after I finished my Broadway run. I was a singer, a songwriter; I did concerts and recitals but it never fell into the genre of cabaret until it was cast that way. Then, I was like 'Oh that's weird; I'm a cabaret singer. What does that mean?' I find myself not really belonging to that scene."

Listen to Ute's 'Tango Ballad'

Watch Ute sing Weill's 'Je ne t'aime pas'

Visit Ute's website.

Buy Ute Lemper's Blood and Feathers: Live from the Cafe Carlyle from Amazon


Selan is a Queens-born new wave soul singer songwriter who actively dabbles in producing. His upcoming debut EP, The Selan Sessions, is due out this year.

On soul music:
"Soul music is something very genuine, it's _from_ your soul. It shouldn't have any other specific connotation. The beauty is that it can spread out into different genres. Soul music and R&B has been really stagnant and predictable and boring, but I see a lot of artists experimenting with soulful feeling in rock, hip hop, punk, electro and I think I incorporate a lot of that in what I'm doing."

Listen to Selan with DJ Spinna in 'Back 2 U'

Watch Selan in the studio.

Visit Selan's myspace


Howard Fishman is a guitarist, singer, composer and bandleader who works in a variety of styles and influences into his music, from Romanian traditionals to New Orleans big band to Hoagy Carmichael.

On Werner Herzog:
"You can't put his work into a genre. Take a film like Wild Blue Yonder. It's part documentary, part science fiction, part nature film, part oratorio... I'm that way too. I think about the feeling that I want to express and whatever tools I need. I'll use different idioms, but those are like colors that a painter would use. Whatever's at my disposal that I need, that's what I'll use."

Listen to Fishman performing 'When I Grow Too Old To Dream', 'Best Is Yet To Come' and 'Moonlight'

Visit Howard's website

Buy Howard's new album, 'The Basement Tapes' directly from him


Sarah Shannon is perhaps best known as the lead singer of the 90's indie rock band, Velocity Girl. She's just released her second solo album, 'City Morning Song'.

On performing on the Sub Pop label during the early nineties:
"We were sort of the others. We were pretty peppy compared to the rest of the roster at the time. We differed a lot from the Seattle grunge movement, so we were a little bit on the fringes there."

Listen to Sarah's 'Near and Far'

Watch Sarah with Velocity Girl in the video for 'Audrey's Eyes'

Visit Sarah's website

Buy Sarah's 'City Morning Song' from Amazon