Sunday, May 06, 2007

"it would just be a waste of time"

glisten: walkie talkie

Time for my weekly round-up of Joe's Pub podcasty-type interviews; those of you somewhat in the dark as to what this is all about are welcome to get all the details in the first of these posts here. It was a good Friday and I had a nice chat with all the folks involved.

David Brown of Brazzaville

Listen to Brazzaville's 'Madalena'

Visit the Brazzaville website.

Watch Brazzaville's video for 'Star Called Sun'


Jason Swinscoe of The Cinematic Orchestra

Visit The Cinematic Orchestra's website.

Listen to The Cinematic Orchestra's 'To Build a Home'

Watch The Cinematic Orchestra's fascinating video for 'Man With a Movie Camera'


Eric Donnelly of The Alternate Routes

Listen to The Alternate Route's 'Ordinary'

Watch The Alternate Routes perform live

Visit The Alternate Routes website


Kevin Michael

Listen to Kevin Michael's 'We All Want the Same Thing'

Watch Kevin Michael perform live

Visit Kevin Michael's MySpace


Alyssa Graham

Visit Alyssa Graham's MySpace page.


Luke Temple

Listen to Luke Temple's 'People Do'

Visit Luke Temple's MySpace

Watch Luke Temple's 'Private Shipwreck