Tuesday, May 08, 2007

rollin' on 20s

the return of the deadly clicky

Glenn Danzig leads a guided tour through his library
"This is great... there are lots of great werewolf stories in here. All documented. All true."

Wonderful ILX compendium thread of dogs in costume
A nice bookend for the infamous "Imagine: your dog, cat or other pet in full military regalia."
Honestly, pancake astronaut is never going to stop cracking me up.

sampleur sample offers brief snippets of contemporary rap or electronic songs and equally brief snippets of the songs that are being sampled to make up the new ones. Think of it as a before and after collection where you can hunt down the origins of hooks that you've enjoyed for years. Best part is that there are over eighteen hundred of these to choose from. That combined with the sites excellent googlability makes sampleur sample a real boon to anyone looking for tricky progenitor track info. I hope they go on forever.

This Blog Gets the Gas Face has rock and punk bootlegs from Jesus and Mary Chain, Nirvana/Melvins doing Flipper covers, Mozz, Bad Brains, Velocity Girl and the such.

Lost-in-Tyme is a multiple-user blog with a monster collection of overlooked wonders and out-of-print classics. There's so very much activity on Lost-in-Tyme that they've spread the blog out in four different URLs: one that covers psych-pop, acid-rock, folk music and garage rock, one for krautrock, prog, classic rock and blues, one for alt-rock, punk and new wave and one for funk and soul, jazz and world. Lost's multiple blogs engage in two methods that I've long been ambivalent about: YSI/RapidShare/MegaUpload type file-sharing rather than hosting one's own files on a dedicated server and zipped full-album downloads. My distaste for the file-sharing utilities is unlikely to bridle anytime soon, but at least the albums that Lost's members are sharing are obscure and difficult enough to find to somewhat justify their full-length posts. I'm gonna stay on the fence on the legitimacy about full-length album sharing; as long as the disc is completely unavailable and out-of-print (as most, if not all, of Lost's albums are), I have a hard time seeing who's being hurt by bringing the material back into the parley.
The best thing Lost has to offer is great hivemind taste; the worst is the paucity of commentary for the albums. Text is often cribbed completely from AMG or wiki and when it is not, it's difficult to tell. If these guys ever step up their writing game, they're gonna be a daily must-visit and a force to be reckoned with.

Speaking of forces to reckon with, Weirdomusic has undergone a recent facelift that has it looking ten years younger and ten times more navigable. Scope their downloads section for links to any number of excellent sites trafficking in what they call "sharity" and what I call "mucho eclectric tunage".

Google Video has Brass Eye!
Five years old and still vastly more risky than anything else on television before or since. If you've never seen Channel 4's cracker-dry, acidly funny, mock-Dateline show before, you're in for a treat.

The magical wonder of K. Chin
More information here and here; outside of an ILX thread I started some time ago, I can't find any appreciation sites on the web. Anybody wanna point one out to me? I'd love to get some hi-res K.Chin desktop images.

One last note: I'm planning on bringing 'clicky' back as a weekly function of the Hut, so I welcome any and all readers to contribute links for audioblogs of note or general weirdness. You can mail links in to the email listed at the top of the page with the subject heading "CLICKY" and I'll give 'em a once over. Promise.