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Time for my weekly round-up of Joe's Pub interviews; those of you somewhat in the dark as to what this is all about are welcome to get all the details in the first of these posts here.

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Sinead O'Connor is a Grammy winning singer songwriter and one of Ireland's best known recording artists. Sinead's eighth full-length album, the double-disc Theology, is scheduled to be released in America on June 22nd.

Responding as to why she stepped away from music in 2003:
"I felt unable to carry any longer the burden of being the Sinead O'Connor person who everybody seemed to be enjoying kicking around the place. I had dealt with years of being abused, basically, whenever I went to work. (Lately), I've noticed a vast improvement in terms of how people treat me; I think aging helps in terms of having respect. Around this album, I've probably done maybe twenty, twenty-five interviews. Out of those, I've felt uncomfortable or humiliated by about five of them and the rest have been very respectful and uplifting."

Listen to Sinead's 'Jeremiah (Something Beautiful)' from her new album.

Watch Sinead's live performance of 'Jeremiah (Something Beautiful)'.

Visit Sinead's website.

Buy 'Theology' from Amazon.


Country Joe McDonald is the co-founder of the pioneering psychedelic rock group Country Joe and the Fish. With over 30 albums and hundreds of original songs under his belt, he remains an active recording artist.

On his listening habits:
"It'll be a very rare day when I listen to any sixties music, I'll tell you that. I like rap music a lot: De La Soul and Mixalot, Digital Underground, NWA. Rap music has become the musical scapegoat for the 21st century. Rap music is held to blame for every social ill and crime that we have in America today. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Laura Bush has jumped on that fuckin' bandwagon."

Listen to Country Joe's "The Fish Cheer".

Watch Joe perform live, from 2006.

Visit Country Joe's website.

Buy music, guitars, "notions" and ephemera from Joe's 'Country Store'.


Jen Chapin performs a hybrid of folk and jazz music that is at once gentle and powerful.

On her father, Harry Chapin:
"My dad wouldn't have had a career today, I don't think. He was signed to an eleven album deal with Elektra and I don't think they have eleven record deals anymore. His passion was in live performances and that's where he was truly alive. In the studio, well that's where we differ. I love the tedium of it, the details, the overdubs. My dad didn't have patience for all that stuff; he was too interested in engaging with people as opposed to with machines or with sound."

Listen to Chapin's 'Time'.

Watch the video for Jen Chapin's 'Let It Show'.

Visit Jen Chapin's website.

Buy Chapin's 'Ready' from Amazon.


Morley is a singer/songwriter who leaps genre boundaries of jazz, folk, pop and global music.

On one of her favorite moments performing:
"There were fifteen or twenty children singingwith me and when I taught them the song,they were singing from their whole being. One thirteen year old girl with us said 'May I sing it? May I stand next to you and sing it?' I said sure and she sang it right to my face, before we even went on the stage, this little prayer that I wrote: 'Keep your gaze steady my love; yours are the eyes that have seen god' and she starts weeping while she's singing..."

Listen to Morley's 'Raison d'etre c'est L'amour', featuring Lokua Kanza.

Watch Morley live, performing 'My Bed Is By The Sea'.

Visit Morley's website

Buy Morley's 'Days Like These' from CD Baby.