Monday, June 04, 2007

The Gold Standard

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Time for my weekly round-up of Joe's Pub interviews; those of you somewhat in the dark as to what this is all about are welcome to get all the details in the first of these posts here.

Mudville mixes soul, blues, electronic, jazz and rock, among other genres, to create a sound that defies explanation but tickles the eardrums.

On the internet providing a porthole to the inner workings of musicians' process:
Marilyn - "There's always room for a shoegaze mentality, to be the 'mysterious artist'; we know people like that and that's part of their creative persona. It can be done well."

Ben - "I think people really like the personal connection and they want to tear that wall down. No one wants stand-offish, larger than life rock stars anymore."

Listen to Mudville's Eternity

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Jenny Owen Youngs is a folk rock singer songwriter out of New Jersey. Her debut album, Batten the Hatches, was released earlier this year.

On distributing full-length tracks online for free:
"I come from an indie-label background and I feel like hoarding music and making people pay for every single thing they get is kind of more of a major label mentality. It's more important to me to gain visibility and anything that can help work toward a critical mass of people who know who you are and what you sound like is worth doing even if it's financially unprofitable."

Listen to Jenny Owen Youngs' Fuck Was I

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Roberto Rodriguez is an instrumental innovator who synthesizes his Cuban roots with traditional Jewish music and avant-garde jazz.

On his mix of traditional Cuban and Jewish musical influences:
"I think it is a natural connection. I came to the United States and I lived in Miami with the Jewish community, so I was able to vacillate between the two cultures. In Caribbean, as well as South American sounds, we look back to Spain and there's a connection with Judaism there. I realized later on in my life that there is a line there that crosses all the borders..."

Listen to Quinteto Roberto Rodriguez's Wolfie's Corner

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M. Nahadr is an internationally acclaimed performance artist based out of New York. Her shows combine singing, movement, multimedia and theatrical overtones.

On the impact of her albinism in her work:
"My condition is the condition of humankind: we all have differences. To realize that difference is to celebrate it and to know our union. Since my difference is so starkly presented, I revel in it."

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