Tuesday, June 05, 2007

lol cat is hueg


LOLCats are so May. LOL80's, that's the wave of the future.

Want to read all the Jack Chick tracts but worried about the awkward conversation you may have to endure to get them from the lady in the subway?
The Internet, as always, has the answer.

Street Fighter II: Turbo Buggy Nostalgia Edition
I particularly like the Vega/Blanka infinite pit of doom.

Related: the (bonus) stages of death in video games

Thanks to the always enjoyable Snarkey Malarkey for turning me on to the flamboyant world of Chris Crocker.
This dude is straight killin' it; kid is the internet age's Tennessee Williams.

The hidden link between Randy Savage and Justin Timberlake

English Russia: a fascinating peek into another world.

What's new in indie audioblogs: iweenie, standard lipsum, Berkeley Place, All Things Go, Bootlog, Blanathema, Sound As Language and The Alternakids

78 RPM Youtube Jukebox with over 400 songs!
I only wish it were more easily searchable.

Gorgeous carniceria decorative art and mindboggling work from Moira Hahn

Probe Is Turning-on the People! is one of the best audioblogs I've found in ages; understated, elegant and with a real sense of style. Go check it out!

Giger's Alien in a Tux
Obsessive and nuts and I like it.

The CardStacker

So i am going to put my super old TV out on the curb. i think. maybe. now.
I love wacky narcissistic self-journaling, especially when Photoshop gets involved.

I really hope they maintain this.

"The entire food industry depends on the fact that evolution doesn't happen..."
Glad we could clear this up.

Killer robots? Check. Lightsabers? Check. Hasselhoff?
The Starcrash fanfic site has been shut down; didn't ANYBODY mirror?
C'mon internets! Don't disappoint me!

clicky is back as a weekly function of the Hut and I welcome any and all readers to contribute links for audioblogs of note, general weirdness or neato stuff.
You can send links in to the email listed over at the top of the page with the subject heading "CLICKY" and I'll give 'em a once over. Promise.