Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You can't spell "meme" without me


Vintage 70's Nostalgia Iron-On Transfers
You could certainly make make your own, but it's hella difficult to get that Foxy Lady calligraphy just right.

Funky 16 Corners, the long-running soul audioblog, just wrapped a successful pledge drive and is committed to another year on the air. Stop by and sample the fruits.. and drop a tardy dollar or two in the handbag while yer at it.

"I read boing boing too" dept:
What 2.5 million bottles looks like

The plastic bag one especially messes with my head.

David Banner's That Crook'd Sipp

Audio that's as eclectric as it wants to be.

The Jason Foxx track is nice enough too, but Gramma SNAPS.
See also.

Cortex from MeFi writes:
"I helmed the creation of a compilation album of music by MeFites last year, and released it around the beginning of December. It's good stuff, and the money from sales is going to charity; we've sold about 300 copies and cleared costs and then some, but have the balance of a 1K-unit run languishing. Think any of your readers might be interested in purchasing a copy if they got a chance to listen to some of it?

The album is pretty all-over-the-board -- the tracks have a decent mix of genres, but it's hard to condense it with a small selection. There's a lot of background on the MeFiComp site -- liners/lyrics/contact info and so on.

There's a collection of 30-second or so samples linked here and, special for your tofu-folk, here's a handful of full-length cuts from the disc."

Peggy Lee, Brian Eno and Th' Boredoms

Loving th' scrolling .gifs, Jon.

Onion Interview with Devin the Dude
I've already trumpeted my appreciation of Mr. Copeland in Newsweek, of all places, so I won't go on again about how awesome dude is.
But he's awesome. You should be getting Waiting to Inhale immejitly.
Catching him this Friday at the Knitting Factory; the last show I saw of his was one of my all-time faves and I am, of course, mucho excited! Get tix while you can!

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, 11 12!

The Full Revelations of a Professional Rat-catcher by Ike Matthews

Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham
"May I ask what your favorite commandment is?"
Woody's guess about his marital status turned out to be pretty much on the mark!

Angry Duck Tofu Racing
Honestly, I had no idea.

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